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Waste Connections of Tennessee – Clarksville provides comprehensive trash and recycling services (including OCC) to businesses in Montgomery County. We also provide Middle Tennessee commercial trash pickup (only) to businesses in Christian, Montgomery, Houston, Robertson, and Stewart Counties.

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Commercial Dumpster Containers

For Clarksville commercial waste disposal and pickup, Waste Connections of Tennessee provides the following range of front-end load containers.

Commercial front load flat dumpster.
Front load - Straight

Commercial front load slant dumpster.
Front load - Slant


Commercial Front Load Dumpster Container Sizes

2 YARD Straight
Capacity 14 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 35”
Front Height 32 ¾”
Back Height 42 ½”
4 YARD Straight
Capacity 28 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 50 ½”
Front Height 44 ¾”
Back Height 59”
6 YARD Slant
Capacity 42 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 65 ½”
Front Height 50 ¾”
Back Height 57 ½”
6 YARD Straight
Capacity 42 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 66”
Front Height 59 ½”
Back Height 59 ½”
8 YARD Slant
Capacity 56 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 78”
Front Height 51 ⅝”
Back Height 71 ⅝”
8 YARD Straight
Capacity 56 Bags
Bottom Width 72”
Top Width 74 ½”
Depth 66”
Front Height 80 ¼
Back Height 80 ¼

Commercial Waste Materials

For safety, environmental or legal reasons some waste materials are not allowed in any Waste Connections container. For example, Waste Connections is not licensed to haul Hazardous Waste.

Acceptable Commercial Waste
  • General business related trash
  • Food service waste
  • Non-hazardous medical garbage

Container Guidelines

Please do not let anything block access to the front load containers. It is also important not to overload the containers or to place items on or next to the containers.

If your container cannot be properly serviced due blocked entry or materials outside of the container, and drivers must return a second time, an additional fee may be charged.

Unacceptable Commercial Waste
  • Appliances (all white goods)
  • Buckets with paint, solvents, etc.
  • Computer monitors or other computer components
  • Drums and containers
  • Electrical equipment containing hazardous material
  • Electronic waste (TV, VCR, stereos)
  • Friable asbestos
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Lawnmowers with oil and gas
  • Liquid waste
  • Outdoor grills with propane tank
  • Paint cans
  • Propane tanks (all sizes)
  • Spray paint cans or containers
  • Tires (whole, cut or baled)
  • Windows

Commercial - Cardboard Only

For any business that needs a dedicated container for Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), Waste Connections of Tennessee can provide a full range of front load container sizes. We also collect bundled OCC from our Middle Tennessee business recycling customers.

Please Note: Old Corrugated Cardboard business recycling in Greater Clarksville is exclusively available to the following counties: Montgomery, Dickson, Davidson, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson.


Commercial Compactors

Waste Connections of Tennessee rents, sells and services compactors for business subscribers in the Clarksville region. If your waste stream is high-volume but low density – like that of a grocery store or hotel – a Middle Tennessee commercial trash compactor may help your business significantly reduce the frequency of your commercial waste collection (and the cost of service).  In fact, depending on the materials, four to five times as much waste can be handled with a compactor system from Waste Connections of Tennessee

Why your business should consider a trash compactor from Waste Connections of Tennessee – Clarksville

  • To save space normally taken up by bulkier waste and receptacles
  • To reduce the cost of your Nashville and Clarksville commercial waste collection service
  • To lower contamination and pest infestation risk
  • To make waste easier and safer to handle

Waste Audits

Protect your company's bottom line with a Middle Tennessee Waste Collection Audit from Waste Connections Tennessee - Clarksville. To schedule your FREE Business Waste Audit, call 931-552-3010.

Did you know that Waste Connections of Clarksville can "right-size" your waste collection services to your business' unique waste stream? By using the data we collect during a FREE waste stream audit, we can help your business streamline and in some cases even eliminate unnecessary commercial waste collection services.

Why should you schedule a FREE Commercial Waste Audit from Waste Connections of Tennessee?

  • To ensure your business is meeting legal Greater Clarksville commercial waste disposal requirements.
  • To create a more cost-effective and tailored trash pickup schedule for your business.
  • To reduce the volume and/or frequency of solid waste disposal and hauling costs.

Commercial Billing

Waste Connections of Tennessee – Clarksville commercial trash and recycling customers receive their bills by the first of each month and payments are due by the 20th of the same month.

Payments accepted include:
  • Bank account payments from savings or checking
  • Checks
  • Credit or debit card payments: American Express, MasterCard, Visa

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